The Crack in the Teacup, by C.M. Albrecht, is a mystery fiction novel with a slight seasoning of romance and suspense to spice things up. The story line is centered in a small Californian town where an 11-year-old boy, Jerry Beakey, goes missing on his way to a music lesson. Author C.M. Albrecht skillfully walks the reader through every aspect of the case and what happens in police departments, support centers and within the family of the missing person. There are two main characters in The Crack in the Teacup. Detective Steve Music and his co-workers butt-heads with the FBI while working on the case. Lovely, and sympathetic, Shelly Lambert guards an awful secret and harbors a guilt that drives her to volunteer at the Missing and Exploited Children Coalition whenever she could get away from her job as a Notary.Whenever Detective Music and Shelly meet during the investigation, something deeper between them happens. Neither of them seems to know what to do about it. Steve discovers Shellyís secret when he looks into her past and creates a huge rift between them that could destroy their romance. A classic who-dun-it written in the Agatha Christi style with a very unusual motive for child kidnapping. I suspected nearly everyone involved at some point in the book and I liked that the characters represented true society, with people of different races, ideals and backgrounds. The Crack in the Teacup has very little violence, but a lot of mystery and a happy ending.

So you retired last year but you want to do more than just play golf or attend social functions. You want to start a home based business and you wonder which home based business opportunities are the best for you. The answer depends on your personal interests, the needs of the target customer you want to reach and the funds needed to start the business. Attend local business seminars and ask questions about what it takes to start and maintain a successful home business. If some of your friends operate home businesses, ask them how they got started and what they would suggest to you. Here are some great home based business opportunities for retired persons.

Life Skills Lessons for Teens

Four year universities are not for everyone and if your desire is to ensure that teens acquire the skills they need to enter the workforce if they do not want to attend college or can’t afford it, you can hold lessons in your garage or basement that teach teens and young adults different skills that will prepare them for trade school and the workforce. For example, if you were an electrician for many years, you can prepare teens for trade school by giving them basic lessons in this kind of work so that they’ll have a good foundation when they begin an apprenticeship. Or if you worked as a seamstress, you can teach teens sewing lessons so that one day they can start their own alterations shop or possibly design outfits.

Everyone loves to read other peoples success stories. It provides us with evidence that amazing things do happen to normal people. By learning what they did to succeed we come one step closer to success ourselves. Such is the case with the ten stories told in Net Entrepreneurs Only ñ 10 Entrepreneurs Tell the Stories of their Success by Gregory K. Ericksen and Ernst & Young.Ericksen interviewed ten of the most successful entrepreneurs at the turn of the century and presents their stories with a unique but effective use of lengthy quotes from the entrepreneurs. The quotes leave you with a feeling of having actually interviewed the entrepreneur yourself rather than reading a story about them. Each story is about 20 pages long but reads more like 10 pages because of the big print and free flowing pace.The 10 entrepreneurs chronicled in the book are Jay S. Walker (, Mike McNulty and Mike Hagan (VerticalNet), Christina Jones (pcOrder), William Porter and Christos Cotsakos (E*Trade), Gregory K. Jones (uBid), Russell Horowitz (Go2Net), Ken Pasterna (Knight/Trimark), William Schrader (PSINet), Pierre Omidyar (eBay), and Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner ( entrepreneur has a unique story of how and why they saw the internet as a viable place to start a business, and each had a different way of getting there, but after reading all ten stories you can see some common threads between these extremely successful net entrepreneurs. Although this book was written at a time when internet business success was substantially easier (the book was published in 2000), many of the core competencies that these entrepreneurs possess can be applied in any era to any industry.Each is extremely passionate about what they do to the point that they inspire others around them to have the same passion. Each is not afraid to take a risk, regardless of whether or not other people disagree with it. Along with that, each knows that failure is inevitable when taking risks and understands that future success depends on the ability to learn from failure and move on.Another interesting thing that was mentioned in three of the ten stories is the fear of being blindsided by an opponent that they canít see coming. They all talk about the proverbial kid in his basement or garage that comes up with the technology that puts them out of business. When talking about Mark Cuban, Todd Wagner said:ìI know Mark worries, among other things, about the proverbial 12-year-old in the garage [coming up with technological breakthroughs] and us being blindsided.îThis commonality is particularly interesting, and I suspect it comes from the fact that many of these entrepreneurs WERE THAT KID and they fear the second coming of themselves more than anything else. They probably fear that this ìkidî will have the same passion and determination that they once had, and that, more than anything else scares them.If I had read this book when it was written I would certainly have recommended it to any young entrepreneur. However, years later I recommend it EVEN MORE. I think that itís a must read for anyone looking to go into business or currently in business.The thing that you can do now that you couldnít do when the book was written is find out whatís happened to these entrepreneurs and their companies in the time that has passed since the bookís publication. One of the biggest joys of reading this book was trying to guess whether or not these companies still existed and whether or not the same entrepreneur was still running them.Knowing that there was the dot-com boom and subsequent crash around that time, I figured there was less than a 50/50 chance that these businesses were still around. Iím not going to ruin the individual surprises, but there was a fairly vast array of directions that these companies and entrepreneurs went after the dot-com crash.Some of the entrepreneurs weíve all heard of (Mark Cuban), and some of the companies we know still exist and are very successful (eBay), but many the average reader wonít be familiar with. Doing the research to find out where they are today adds an extra dimension to the book that a reader wouldnít have experienced if they read it when it came out.Net Entrepreneurs Only ñ 10 Entrepreneurs Tell the Stories of their Success by Gregory K. Ericksen and Ernst & Young is an extremely interesting for anyone who enjoys a good success story. However, itís truly inspiring if you are that entrepreneur who strives come up with the next innovating breakthrough that puts one of these ten entrepreneurs out of business.

Action, thriller and humor ñ this book has it all! Men of Extreme Action by Joseph Kochanoff is one of the better books I have reviewed this year, despite its obvious need of editing. Based in the action movie making industry, Joseph incorporates murder, excellent fight scenes and sabotage.The two main characters are action movie stars that have difficult personal issues keeping them from doing their best. Wolfe Neilson is an aging man who is losing the battle both in his career and with alcohol. Steele Taylor is an older egomaniac who has become ruthlessly rude and demanding. These two actors are forced to make one last stab at reviving their dying careers (and personalities) by making an action movie together. Neither is used to sharing the ëlime lightí and the antagonism between these two ancient enemies is quite entertaining. Steele and Wolfe are constantly trading insulting wisecracks that had me guffawing aloud ñ yet in the end they will depend on each other to live through another day.Colorful characters such as Mr. Pang, the torture-trainer who forces Wolfe and Steele to cooperate, and Tina, the agent who mediates many antagonistic situations, brighten the story line. The rival -the most popular action movie star of the day – Blaze Vansome, is easy to hate.Steele and Wolfe are soon living as if inside one of their movies. Who can they trust? Where do they go for help? How does one fight a well-connected crime organization on their own? In their desperate efforts to solve the mystery of who is trying to sabotage their movie, Wolfe and Steele stumble into one hilarious situation into another. Their banter keeps the mood light and the action is so fast paced you will not want to put the book down.I highly recommend this book.”

Montreal is one of the amazing places in North America. It is strategically located on an island, at the highest possible navigable point of the St. Lawrence River. The area has been a host to many tourists and visitors since the early 1500s. Montreal has grown over the years to become the second biggest city whose occupants speak French as their native language. (This is after Paris.) The city has been known to be the capital place of Canada’s culture, with the UNESCO identifying it as a city of design.

It is for these reasons that Montreal has been considered by many individuals and companies to conduct photography workshops in. Having a photography workshop in Montreal gives one the best of memories of the fascinating features that meet their eyes. It is such an adventure that in addition to taking you through the best photogenic locations of the world helps you in mental visualization of the scenes before actually getting down to capture the fun moments. This photography workshop in Montreal will not only excite you from the sight of amazing images but also equips you with techniques to enhance your photographic skills. You shall be able to learn how to use your creativity to make extraordinary images from the ordinary ones your camera will be taking. You also get to learn more about your camera settings and its capabilities.

The experience enables you to acquire knowledge on landscape survey, and the ability to utilize your environment and take photographs of the indigenous people of Montreal. You also have the chance to understand the natives, cultural behavior as well as the experience of photographing as a foreigner.

The first interaction that your child has with people that aren’t family members is important to their development. For most people, this experience is gotten when the child enrolls to a baby care center. In case you are thinking about a day care center for your child, there are certain tips that will help you select the best. Here are some of those tips.

How the child care aides interact with the children

First, think about how the child care experts interact with the children. Ideally, when you visit the day care center, you should be able to notice the child care expert down on the floor playing with the children. The caregivers should be very warm and responsive towards the kids because this is what helps the children to thrive.

How long do childcare aides last?

Also, you need to ask about the level of commitment of the childcare aides at the center. The ideal child care center is one where the caregivers stay for a long period of time. This is because children need a sense of consistency in the first people that they interact with. When there is a high turnover of child care experts at the center, the children are emotionally affected in that they start feeling insecure about losing the people that they form attachments to.

It doesn’t hurt to spy a little

While it is true that recommendations from other parent that use the service are important, it is great to just drop by sometime and spy. This will help you find out if the place is always clean, organized and well maintained. If the place is only cleaned and organized when there are visitors, you can be sure that your child will not develop well there. Besides cleanliness, look at the condition and safety of the shared playing spaces. For instance, if the older kids are using smaller toys that are a choking hazard to the younger ones, they should play separately.

These are some of the many good qualities that have been incorporated by the Andy Bear Early Learning Center. For details about this exceptional day care programs, go to

 Individuals that want to spot the most popular Burberry watch vendor should go on the Internet right now and compile a list of all the vendors that are selling these Burberry watches. What you need to do is go to a search engine and type in shop Burberry watches which should provide you with the names of all the retailers that are selling Burberry watches over the Internet. Now that you know the names of each and every vendor you must review the prices that are being levied by each of the retailers. During this pricing review you also need to include the cost of shipping if that wasn’t already covered. Once you have all of the pricing details you should be able to identify the retailer that has the best deal on Burberry watches.


After you have identified the retailers with the most competitive pricing points you need to screen the vendors to make sure they are reputable. The only way to do this properly is by visiting the Facebook page that belongs to the retailer and read the comments that were made by former clients. While reading over all of the comments that were posted on Facebook it should become quite clear which of these retailers are truly the most reputable. Now that you know which of these vendors have the most competitive offer you can move forward and make an informed buying decision so go online right now and start doing your research so you can find the Burberry watch you want at the lowest price possible.

Math tutoring in Toronto is becoming more and more popular as a way for parents to help their children in school. In fact, this trend has been on the rise for the last five years. Why exactly are so many parents getting math tutors for their children? 

According to The Globe and Mail, math scores on standardized tests have dropped for the fifth year in a row for students in Ontario. Many parents blame the relatively new discovery based learning methods for the poor math scores. They feel this new method of teaching math skips over basic arithmetic concepts. Many parents are frustrated because not even they understand their children’s math homework and are unable to help them. Even cognitive scientists are in agreement that without having an understanding of basic math, discovery based learning is not of any benefit to the students. These are just a few reasons parents are turning to math tutoring in Toronto for their children. 

While parents are getting their children enrolled in tutoring programs, many parents are fighting to reform the math curriculum that is now being taught in schools. According to Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals, all curriculum is reviewed periodically “to ensure that they remain current, relevant and age-appropriate.” So far, only Manitoba has responded to parents pushing for reform. It appears that if the math curriculum continues to remain the same and there is nothing done to change it, math tutors will be in high demand in Toronto, throughout Ontario and even the rest of Canada. 

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Set goals 

One of the important things you need to do when you start any business venture is to set long-term, medium-term and short-term achievable goals to map out your business plan. This gives you a clear focus point such that all your tasks and other activities, whether large or small, take on meaning. If you fail to reach your short-term (daily, weekly or quarterly) goals, sit down and re-evaluate them. A good idea would be to start a little lower until you achieve those tasks and then gradually increase them. 

Monthly, biyearly yearly and other medium-term goals can be edited occasionally or as needed to ensure that things are moving in the expected direction. Long-term goals can also be adjusted, but you need to be careful to avoid straying from your vision. They are the big picture that enable all other goals to actually make sense, and are also the motivating factor that will help you keep a good attitude as well as strive for success. Accomplishing goals along the way can be an indication of progress.

Create a professional website  Thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to open a store or have an outlet to reach your retail customers. Most businesses today have their own sites which make it easier to advertise products or services, provide information about products or even sell products over the Internet. You can’t afford to miss out on this great platform!

When designing and creating your company website, you need to make it user friendly, lest your visitors go away and probably never come back again. Make sure it’s easily navigable, loads fast and has a professional look and appropriate font, colors and so on. In addition, include titles and subtitles for all your WebPages and try to update your content as frequently as possible. If visitors are pleased by what they see on their screens, then they might as well buy your products. 

At the end of the year last year I got a call from the HR department of a job that I had applied for. I wasn’t expecting to hear from this company because it had been over 6 months since I had put in for it. I was happy to find that despite all the time had gone by they were interested in hiring me. The hiring process went really fast and after a phone interview I was hired right away. There was just one problem with getting this job. I had to move out of my state and into a new one. At this point, I was very excited but also concerned about how I was going to get my stuff moved so soon. I had to be at my new location in two weeks. I didn’t have to worry about a place to stay because the job paid for my room and board but I still needed to move my furniture and personal belongings. Luckily, I was discussing my move with a friend and she said her little brother had just moved out of their parents’ home to attend college in another state. She told me that he used moving network usa a national company and he was really happy with their service. I had to check them out for myself. So, I got online and read some moving network USA reviews. I was really impressed with the reviews and after some more searching, I found even more moving network usa reviews where people had lots of great things to say about the company. I was sold and called the company and set up a moving date. I am now happily moved into my new location and I am really loving my new job. The move went really good and I was very happy with the service that moving network USA provided me. I would recommend this moving company to anyone who has to move a long distance. home